Hello Face

 In Japan you can easily buy the lookbooks of several designers and when I bought the marc by marc jacobs one, it came with this free make up bag, a mirror and a hand towel. So cute!
 I use this tinted moisturiser daily! It was really worth the money. The nivea cream can be used for your face, hands and body but I tend to use it as a hand cream because it's so portable and instead of cream bursting out from a tube and into your bag, this is tub has a twist lid. Lip balm, nothing much to say there haha.
 I LIVE OFF THIS. It's a gel cream which contains camphor, dementholised mint oil, cajput oil (i'm reading off the label here, hehe), menthol, clove oil, paraffin and pertrolatum. It helps with headaches, stuffy nose, insect bites, itchiness, muscular aches and sprains, so you can pretty much use it for anything. I tend to use it when I'm writing essays on my laptop or if I'm studying for a long time. It's so nice to just rub it on my temples, my shoulders and the back of my neck.
Aha, these are probably the products I go through the fastest. You definitely can't go wrong with maybelline mascara, but I decided to go for a different brand and picked the l'oreal volume million lashes one. You might have noticed the top and bottom don't match but that's because I had an old volume million lashes tube which ran out and I bought the extra black version the second time; I preferred the other brush.
 This is the foundation I'm currently using. It goes on and blends in so smoothly that I apply it like a concealer; only over my blemishes and under my eyes. I only ever apply to my while face (and to a bit of my neck) when I go out.
 This is the nail polish I had on today. It's from rimmel and it's nr. 193 black cherries. It has a slight sparkle to it but it's subtle, which I like. I think I have to say that rimmel is my preferred brand when it comes to nail polishes. The nail polish on the right is a hardener which I use sometimes and it's from a brand called manhattan. You can find it in any Cactus grocery/shopping centre.
 I bought this liquid eyeshadow in the summer while I was in Japan. If I remember correctly it's from a brand called Canmake. I never used it until about 2 weeks ago and now I'm putting it on my eyes every day. It's a liquid eyeshadow you don't need a primer, but it dries as soon as you blend it out so you don't look like a circus freak.
And finally, we have my all time favourite liquid eyeliner. A lot of liquid eyeliners have really thin tips and I find them quite difficult to apply. I like this one because the tip is quite thick and it's spongey but not too flimsy. It's a bit like the end of a pointy marker pen. This, like the clear nail polish, is also from Manhattan.

I hope you don't mind my mahoosive post but I've been thinking of doing it for a while now. Thanks for reading!