One of you suggested camo nails so here we go! They really are quite easy. I painted one coat of a metallic green on one nail and on the rest of the nails I painted two with white and two with a pale pink colour. Then, I had a green, dark green, yellow and darkish gold on hand and I basically dotted away. Neatness isn't exactly key here so I think this is a really easy nail to do! Don't be afraid to experiment without a tutorial. As for the remaining lonely green nail, I painted another coat of the metallic green and while it was still wet I added the studs. You could try this for halloween if you aren't going for the zombie/scary look but just want to dress up and instead go as an army officer. A few of you guys have been asking me where to get these studs. I'm lucky enough to be in Japan right now where the amount of nail-art products and accessories is absolutely overwhelming but similar studs can be found on amazon or ebay.