Dahlia Hidden Landing Page
Hey guys, I wanted to share a Dahlia promo code which is exclusive to selected bloggers and their readers - and one of them is me and all of youuu! (because you are all very much a part of this blog ❤) I absolutely fell in love with their clothes when I got that studded collar top from then last month and I seriously think loads of you will/already love them too. The promo code is for free delivery worldwide so this applies to all you lovelies! Just click on the banner or this link here and it'll take you straight to the site and the code. It lasts until the 28th Oct so be sure to check out their online store soon.

Below are my two favourite dresses and I'm seriously considering getting the leather one for New Year's Eve! Oh man, I seriously have to get myself to a shopaholics anonymous meeting haha.

Happy shopping fellow shopaholics!