Ohhhh do I have something good for you! When I tweeted about my galaxy blazer last week, I got a tweet back from @nailed_ituk and about galaxy nails to match. I literally sprung onto the website and within minutes I already placed an order. The online nail store is run by a 20 yr old named Lucy who just launched her site Sept '12. Last month! All designs are hand-painted by her and top coated with Seche Vite.

I chose to get the Love At First Spike design (£12) because it caught my eye and I'm just so in love with Bordeaux colours right now. Together with the gold detail I think this set is perfect for autumn. I am impressed with the quality of the nails, and in particular the precision of the gold pattern. I'll have to wait until the after the 25th to wear them though because I left my adhesive nail stickers back in Luxembourg.

If you're looking something a little extra special to wear on your nails, instead of those flimsy high street ones, then NailedItUK is definitely worth checking out! (She does ship outside of the UK!)

Happy Shopping

 This colour is perhaps the most "true" when you take a look at them off camera, but colours may vary because they are all hand painted!

Photo via NailedItUK