Well hello, it has been a while has it not? I have been in such a funk lately and I unfortunately let it affect my blogging which I am sorry about. I bought these shoes a while back and I am so in love with them. I have always wanted a pair of leopard print shoes but printed flats were not really my thing. Even further back, I had wondered into Primark and bought the black version of these boots because they were only £8. I sometimes felt my docs were too chunky for certain outfits and converse was just too casual so I was really glad to have this new and cheap addition to my famiglia of shoes. Imagine my excitement when I saw these leopard print ones for the same price. Do you guys ever experience that flutter when you randomly spot that item which just seems to gleam at your from the other side of the store? It seems a bit silly to be so passionate about a pair of £8 shoes but that basically sums up how I felt. For someone who loves black, this is definitely a great way to add a bit of "spark" to your outfit!