Kristiana and I got to go to the Motel press day on Wednesday and I am so so glad that we did! As soon as we stepped into the showroom we were greeted by slushies, candy, popchips and sushi. I cannot forget to mention just how amazing their 90s room set up was, complete with video cassettes of Friends, Pokemon and Spice World just to name a few. So much effort was put in to it - I was very impressed. Now, getting on to the more exciting things: the clothes. Monochrome was definitely a heavily emphasised trend with plenty of different pieces embodying it. The box crop top was one that caught my eye. There were also a lot of pieces with a beautiful "Jacquard" print (and thanks to Arabella who gave me heads up about what to call the print! Haha). I had a great time and a big thank you to the Motel team for the invite! I cannot wait for the a/w items to be put online.

My favourite thing they had on the rack - I definitely need to invest in more crop tops like this one

I'm also dying to get a striped bodycon midi skirt like this one here

Beautiful Selina

I was also super excited about meeting Lily!

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  1. ahhhh thats Selina of Motel? she s sooo pretty! and so are youuu!

  2. LOVED all the photos. I'm so happy you had a great time!
    xoxo Debby

  3. your bun is so cute! loved your outit