Now, before someone flips out at me for posting a photo which includes a bra I do wish to justify it by saying I have a legit reason for uploading it. If you cannot already tell, there is significantly more fabric below the underwire and around the back of the bra as well. It is almost as if it is a bra/bandeau combined in one. If you look at the very last photo in this post, you can see that it has four hooks instead of the usual two. I think this is absolutely perfect for when you want to wear a baggy vest with deep arm holes or a low back (the front may be slightly questionable). I also bought an ombre baggy T-shirt, as well as two simple tops in black and grey. Last but not least, I decided to take the plunge and buy a pair of trousers with a Fashitects worthy print. In the beginning I only tried them on for the fun of it but the more tops I tried with it, the more I fell in love it. 

PS, those of you who live in lux and go to Auchan - have you guys checked out Pimkie lately? Some of the things in there were not that bad!
PPS, silly me forgot to say that all these things are from H&M

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  1. I love the color of the bra (: You have some cute items !

  2. Love the ombre tee! x

  3. they are lovely! definitely checking hm out now :)

  4. Awesome buys! They all remind me of summer/spring, but did you see the snow yesterday around midnight which lasted like 5 minutes? SO demotivating.

  5. That bra is fantastic!

  6. that braaa is sooo cuteee!

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