A dress I picked out from Chi Chi Clothing arrived earlier this week and today I can finally show you guys the one I chose! The dress on its own is quite fancy so I decided to toughen it up with this studded leather jacket from Topshop and this black/silver satchel from River Island. Graduation is coming up  for some of you so I feel like this is absolutely the perfect time to talk about the Modesta dress I am wearing. When the package arrive I instantly felt like I was holding a proper, legit dress in my hands. A lot of their dresses have padded busts so there are no worries about bra straps sticking out of fiddling with a bandeau bra. The next thing which stood out to me was the skirt. There are three layers to it: the outer which is quite thick but very smooth; the middle which is netted and adds shape to the skirt; and the inner part which because of its silky smoothness, protects your legs from the netted skirt. My absolute favourite thing about it is how when I run down the stairs in it it flares out beautifully making my feel like a Disney princess.

Jacket - Topshop
Bag - River Island
Shoes - Japan

The net underneath

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