If you have me on instagram then chances are you have seen these beautiful shoes already. I went on a rampage shopping trip today to buy something for my younger brother, who is turning 18 (!!!!) in six days, so buying a few things for myself was inevitable. With my arms full and at near breaking point I popped into TK Maxx to sit down and have a break - I was quite literally breaking a sweat from so much shopping. I am so glad that I went in. In perfect line of sight, these beautiful shoes were propped up on the shelves. I pounced. I literally pounced. And then proceeded to fall back down on the couch because I had forgotten how much shopping I had with me. Even though these are a size EU 37, they fit perfectly. Now for the best bit: the price. I've had a look on the internet and these shoes are available for 100-160 GBP depending on where you purchase them. In TK Maxx they were 50 GBP. FIFTY POUNDS. I was beyond ecstatic at finding them! These shoes are without a doubt the best bargain I have found in TK Maxx!

I would also appreciate it if you could nominate me in the cosmo blog awards under best established fashion blog - it would mean so much to me!

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