Well. Hello. I cannot believe I have let 10 days slip by since my last post. Especially with the Cosmo Blog Awards just around the corner. As the summer was drawing to an end, I knew that I had to put more thoughts into moving to Brussels. I moved in last Sunday and then started work the very next day. I got a belgian SIM card and signed up to set up internet but for anyone who has dealt with Belgacom they will be accustomed to this notoriously long and frustrating process. Thankfully, the weather in Brussels was amazing for my first week there. On Monday I sat on my own at the Comic Cafe and had their Detroit bagel whilst on Thursday I had takeaway sushi in the Cinquantenaire parc. I previously had quite run down impressions of Brussels but that has certainly changed and I can feel myself slowly falling in love with the city.

I work four days a week and on my day off I wandered into the military museum by the Cinquantenaire arch as well as Autoworld just opposite. I packed in quite a lot before taken the train back to Luxembourg for the weekend. My dad picked me up at the last stop in Belgium before the LUX-BE border et voilĂ  I am home. I went to the cinema today and wore a very work-like outfit as that is all that has been on my mind in the past week. I love these baggy (well-in-need-of-ironing) trousers with a simple white top and a sleek Zara blazer. I have also been using this particular bag so much as it is perfect for work and for taking my bento with me.

I hope you this mini update is not too boring but I guess spewing life happenings onto my blog, through my fingers, is more or less a result of being blog/internet deprived for a week. I am not entirely sure when I will have internet set up but do follow me on Instagram (@kaoriannej) as I will now be updating on there.

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