I am sucker for alliteration so "Winter Wishlist" sounds a lot better to me than "Gift ideas" but here we are with a collage of a couple of things which have recently caught my eye. Christmas is on its way so if you are struggling to find something for your sister, best friend, girlfriend, cousin... etc then perhaps this little wishlist post can give you a bit of inspiration. When an email popped up in my inbox about this Ingenue coat the simple phrase "day to night" immediately appealed to me. I am currently on my work placement and once I make it back to my apartment after a long day I am usually not that motivated to pull together an outfit for an evening dinner or a cocktail meet up. Not that I am fluttering social butterfly or anything but I do have a couple of friends. No, really though, I only have two friends here at the moment haha. I purchased my own pair of Urbanears over two years ago and I am still in love with them. With such a simple design it can easily be incorporated to any outfit that you are wearing. I purchased the boring old black ones but I have been thinking of getting coloured ones if anything should happen to the others.

Gogo Philip have recently launched two new collections, one of them being this handbag lock design. Nothing beats a chunky gold chain necklace and it makes a decent Christmas present when you are slightly lost for ideas. I do love my gold chain necklaces and I could never have enough variations of them. Being in Brussels means that I have to spend my time drooling over the different pieces online but if you are in and around the London area you can find their store at 68A Cheshire Street. If you know you want to splurge this Christmas you have to check out the Wilbur & Gussie clutches. I had the chance to check a few of them out at a press day and no photo will ever do any of them justice. They are such statement pieces and are perfect for a special or formal occasion. Graduation may seem a while away for me but this emerald green clutch is the kind of thing I could imagine myself wearing with a white or beige dress. However, if you are on the hunt for a more practical and everyday bag, then this Pippa bag in Shark from Modalu is the perfect item to lighten up a dark, fall look. I really should control my daily handbag browse - I am probably feeding my inner Imelda Marcos.