A long while back (a very long while back...) someone asked me to demonstrate how I put my bun, otherwise known as Maurice, together. Yes, the bun has a name. It somehow managed to pick up this nickname back when I was in school. I went through a long phase where this would be the only hairstyle I would do. Back then my hair was relatively short and so I backcombed a lot but now I think we can all agree that I have more than enough hair which, if backcombed, will turn into a Maurice who had a little too much to eat over Christmas. Below I have added a step by step series of photos.

1. Pull your hair together in a high ponytail

2. Pass it through the hairband, but only once, and then twist the elastic so you end up with an "8shape - with all the hair in one loop, pull the other loop away

3. Keep one loop stretched out and wrap your hair around the base of the ponytail.

4. Once your Maurice has formed, pass it through the loop and twist the hairband

5. To finish, pass the new loop over Maurice and pull out your bad to make Maurice as small or as fat as you wish

If my step by step instructions made absolutely no sense, here is the video that I posted a while ago on Instagram  :