With all this Wimbledon madness going on it seems only fitting that we put up an all-white look along with a pop of colour from this red Marc B clutch bag. A combo which reminds of the famous wimbledon season dessert: strawberries and cream. A sweet dish that always reminds me of the time my dad and I made the channel crossing by ferry for my first year of university. It is so crazy how time flies! I can still remember my first few weeks of settling in and now it has already been a week since I finished my ten-month york placement in Brussels.

I have mentioned here and there that I am in Scotland at the moment and if you are planning on takin a trip up north to this region remember to pack white/light-coloured and/or long sleeved clothing. There are midges everywhere. Another great thing to bring with you is Avon's Skin So Soft cream. Even though it was not intended on being a insect repellent, it seems to have an effect on the midges and keeps then away!

French coming soon...

Blazer - H&M
Dress - Topshop 
Bag - Marc B