Well, it looks like I will be finalises my living situation in Brussels and it seems as though the fact that I will have to put up with Brusselian weather is slowly dawning on me. As you can see, this is not a particuarly summer-y post. I was taking a break from replying to emails and had a cheeky browse online. I realised that I do not own that many plain, simple maxi skirts. Not even a black one! I also think I should probably purchase a shorter black skirt like this one for work. I also think these cropped jumpers would look great with either skirt. The camel and grey ones are my favourite but they have a few other colours to choose from as well. I am so really in love with these two-toned shoes but the last pair of shoes I bought from Topshop have been quite painful, so we shall see. I am also slowly falling in love with hats again. I previously mourning the loss of my favourite black 980 JPY fedora which my Japanese grandmother bought for me but September is just around the corner so perhaps now is a good time to buy a new one! I will be in Scotland soon so maybe I will have to take a sneaky trip to the closest Topshop...

PS, someone please sign me up to a shopaholics meeting. Anything in the Brussels region?


  1. I'm loving those sort of midi skirts right now, they look great with anything cropped too!! Loving the accessories xx

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  2. i can sooo seee you wearing all of these!

  3. Well I've lived in Brussels since birthday and next year will be going to university in Leeds, all I can say to you is that the shops in Brussels aren't great to be honest. I can imagine living in England it would be easier to become a shopaholic but you'll see once you arrive/shop in Brussels that the shops really aren't special or any different to those in Luxembourg for example :)