There are some days when I head into town when I feel like rolling straight out of bed and rolling straight onto the bus so for these days when I really do not feel like making much of an effort I turn to an all-black look. This is the kind of outfit you can find me in on a Saturday morning, during the week at work or on the 3h train journey between Luxembourg and Brussels. I would of course change up the accessories depending on what environment/setting I am in: for work I would usually wear a light-weight scarf to cover up more of my chest or for a make-shift pillow for napping on the train. Here, however, I decided to throw on my Topshop eagle necklace for my day in town.

Quelquefois quand je vais en ville je veux tout simplement sauter du lit et monter dans le bus sans penser trop à ce que je vais mettre.  Ces jours-là je m’habille tout en noir.  C’est le look que je préfère le samedi matin, ou pendant la semaine au bureau, ou pour le trajet en train entre Bruxelles et Luxembourg.  Bien sûr, j’ajoute des accessoires selon le cas: au bureau je mets un foulard autour du cou, et dans le train le même foulard peut servir comme oreiller improvisé.  Mais cette fois, pour une sortie en ville, j'ai porté mon collier à l’aigle de Topshop.

Shoes - H&M
Necklace - Topshop
Bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs
Hat - Miss Selfridges
Coat - Zara


  1. love the photography like always

  2. I love all black looks!
    And your braid looks great :)
    xo Lyn

  3. I love this your outfit, very very nice!

  4. You look gorgeous! :)

  5. so stylish and chic even in all black <3 gotta be one of the best outfit colour ever :) love the necklace too, totally adds dimension to the outfit :)